SEAcurIT-e Ltd


SEAcurIT-e® is a powerful, practical and efficient means of enabling and managing secure content and services. It is ideally suited to Cloud applications (including Private and Hybrid Clouds), the Internet of Things (IoT) and many other applications concerned with the protection of sensitive or critical data and services. The SEAcurIT-e® portfolio includes a number of such applications.

SEAcurIT-e® is a comprehensive infrastructure built around the most fundamental issue for the successful and manageable use of security functions such as encryption and data integrity - namely key management - and is a robust and reliable solution to the security and control issues inherent to their use. It provides significant advantages and capabilities in security and management, and ensures that the application of such techniques is truly effective.

SEAcurIT-e® provides centralised management and control, but with distributed security and trust. It delivers secure and reliable monitoring and control of data, devices and users, and allows organisations to take full, comprehensive and independent control of their security. It is supremely suited to software environments where the use of dedicated security hardware is not appropriate, while also combining well with hardware.

Integrating SEAcurIT-e® with new or existing applications delivers a practical, adaptable and scalable solution, and gives the strongest foundation for secure applications and for managing secure information.

SEAcurIT-e® a winner in Corporate Vision Magazine's 2016 Technology Innovator Awards.