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As a framework to support the use of cryptographic functions, SEAcurIT‑e® can be used as a foundation for building secure applications, or can be added to existing applications to enhance security and control.

In addition to Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, SEAcurIT‑e® is also beneficial to many other areas of application concerned with the protection of sensitive or critical data and services, such as end-to-end security, medical devices, the association of identities with keys, user and device authentication, and secure document exchange. A number of secure applications are included in the SEAcurIT‑e® portfolio.

Some specific applications include:

Enhanced password security: overcomes issues surrounding short, easy to guess passwords; ensures password check values cannot be used as a basis to compromise passwords.

Encryption: ideally suited to encryption as security is ultimately dependent upon good key management, and successful deployments rely on the ability to control its use such as which information is protected and who can access it; encryption keys cannot be recovered by analysing the SEAcurIT‑e® parameters stored on the device.

Web Security: provides a cost effective means of protecting user information held by websites, without requiring the use of dedicated hardware; the user information may include password-related information, personally identifiable information, or payment card details; the use of SEAcurIT‑e® is completely transparent to site users.

SEAcurIT‑e® Authentication: a user authentication scheme that offers protection against masquerade, or man-in-the-middle, attacks such as both conventional and, significantly, real time phishing.