The security of all applications using or relying on cryptographic techniques is ultimately dependent on good management of cryptographic keys.

SEAcurIT-e® provides secure storage, management and control of cryptographic keys, particularly in software environments. It simplifies key management and reduces risk.

The scope of SEAcurIT-e® is applications and services relying on cryptographic keys or other security values, and it works with any type of key (private, symmetric) or other security values. It can augment existing key management schemes such as PKI, or operate as a complete independent key management system.

SEAcurIT-e® is scalable, fast and efficient.


  • A software solution that does not require the use of dedicated hardware, although elements can be incorporated in to hardware if appropriate
  • Can be integral to an application, or be provided as an add-on or service to enhance existing solutions
  • Centralised or individual management over the use of keys and other security values
    • Allows administrators to monitor and control all keys in a domain but without access to or knowledge of the actual key values
    • Enable or disable access
    • Monitor and control where and when keys are used, by which users and which devices
  • Security — ensures that stored keys cannot be compromised if a device is itself compromised
  • Gives the benefits of distributed security while maintaining full control over the secrecy of keys, and without sacrificing or diminishing control over secrecy
    • There is no single location where all secrecy resides, and so no single point of failure
  • Assumes any system element can be compromised and is designed to remain secure in such an event, with the ability for the system to 'refresh’ without any impact on the user


Licence for use in applications or services. Please contact for further information.