• Fortify the secure storage and control of the
    crypto keys that underpin cyber security
    Next generation security in tune with
    applications such as Blockchain
  • Leverage the high availability and integrity of data centres or
    similar Cloud services to significantly enhance the security and
    control of cryptographic keys and other security variables
    No relinquishing of control over the secrecy of keys,
    so no need to trust a third party to keep keys secret
    Flexible - not tied to any one service provider
  • Reinforce PKI and other key management applications,
    or operate as a stand-alone system
    Ideally suited to software environments where keys are processed locally
    Relevant to applications using cryptographic keys, from
    Cloud applications to simple encryption
    Security not reliant on the use of dedicated hardware
  • Deployable at both client and server side
    Reduce the threat of data breaches and exposure of confidential
    information by enhancing the protection and usage of keys and
    authentication values
    Remove risks from weak passwords
    Strengthen security applications
  • SEAcurIT-e
    Secure key management, on which the security of all applications
    using cryptographic keys ultimately relies
    Powerful and flexible management and control capabilities
    In tune with the desire to maintain complete control over security,
    as with protecting and managing Blockchain wallets
    Benefits of centralised management and control,
    but with distributed security

SEAcurit-e Applications

Blockchain Security

  • Build security and trust in to blockchain nodes
  • Add value by ensuring the secure and proper use of cryptographic functions
  • Adopt key management mechanism that respect the nature of Blockchain applications


  • Encryption, Integrity & Authentication
  • Reinforce the effectiveness of cryptographic functions
  • Enhance control over where and by whom security functions such as encryption, data integrity and authentication can be used
  • Provide a framework to support the use of cryptography in applications

Secure Key Storage

  • Ensure stored keys cannot be compromised
  • Ideally suited to software environments
  • Overcome typical storage restraints

Cryptographic Key Management

  • Fortify and enhance PKI and other schemes for the management of cryptographic keys
  • Can serve as a robust and practical alternative key management framework for constructing a wide range of secure applications
  • Obtain unique benefits and capabilities in security and control

Security Management

  • Manage access to security functions by controlling access to the keys on which they depend
  • Control who can access secure data or functions and when, and from which device
  • Monitor and control access to secure shared content
  • Apply artificial intelligence to determine instances where access to information may be denied, or require further checks

Ownership and Control of Data

  • Ownership and control of keys implies ownership and control of secure data
  • Provision of powerful and unique set of security and management capabilities ensures accountability

Security Example: Blockchain

Blockchain is one example of a type of application that can benefit from the use of SEAcurIT‑e®.

There are two distinct elements to Blockchain security

  • An unalterable distributed register of events or transactions
    • An intrinsic and distinguishing feature of Blockchain
  • Ensuring that ledger entries have a usefulness or value, such as by authenticating the source or owner of an entry.

Security and control of cryptographic keys at nodes

  • Value and trust of ledger entries ultimately relies on the security and control of cryptographic keys at nodes, or endpoints
    • It is these values on which security operations depend
    • Control of keys gives control over secured data
  • The security, control and independent ownership of keys and consequently data at nodes is therefore of vital importance.

Characteristics of Blockchain give rise to specific security requirements

  • Security of nodes is vital for establishing trust and maintaining value
    • Protection and availability of security values is of crucial importance
  • In a decentralised environment, nodes have complete and independent control over  the secrecy of their security values
    • Reliance on trusted centres of security is undesirable

Security and control objectives specific to Blockchain

  • SEAcurIT‑e® meets the security and control objectives specific to Blockchain
  • Provides unique and substantial benefits in protecting and fortifying the security of such keys and ensuring their availability
  • Powerful and flexible management capabilities
    • From full independent control by nodes to a degree of centralised management over the use of security functions  without ceding control over secrecy